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FNE Consultants was established in 2018. With the support of a wide-spread network that has abundant resources and connections, we have been successful in making a name for ourselves in the biomedical service field and achieving goals we have set for ourselves. Using our resources, we have been able to provide our clients with all of their informative needs and assist with their development and data analysis. As such, our clients have been able to have detailed and precise information on demand to help further their industrious ventures.  
We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and formulate an individualized strategy and plan, tailored to those needs. With input from our clients, we devise a structured plan and implement it with the necessary personnel. Our services include SMO (site management organization), CRM (customer relationship management), and the training and implementation of various specialized personnel, including CRC (clinical research coordinator), CRN (clinical research nurse), and CRA (clinical research associate). In addition to data collection, storage, and analysis, we also coordinate simultaneously with the operating systems company to provide on-demand information and easy accessibility.
With the hard work of our employees and our comprehensive protocols, we have been successful in executing plans for our clients’ projects, while meeting their needs and contributing to their growth. With their trust and commendation, we are pleased to  have long-term partnerships with many of our clients. We truly believe that with our specialized team and extensive experience, we will be able to assist your company with all of your needs.

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Understand the clinical trial process of the clinical trial center, how the customer service center plans to collaborate with physicians and subjects in this process, and the conditions for becoming a research subject. The customer service center plan fully understands the possible outcomes after treatment and the probability of side effects. Transforming the results of scientific research into useful to humans, the clinical test center can improve human health and longevity in medicine, that is, human trials. The main purpose is to monitor the safety of the drug. Through this phase of the trial, the clinical trial center has undergone scientific research through rigorous review procedures. The customer service center plans to understand the basic concepts of the rights, obligations and precautions of participants in clinical trials.